Enhance home beauty with a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth

flannel backed vinyl tableclothNot many tablecloths can exude the aesthetic appeal that a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth can add to the interior décor of any setting. Whether you decide to use your vinyl tablecloth at your backyard picnic table or in the kitchens dinning table, the flamboyant checked boxes blend with just about any setting. Those that have an eye for style will certainly agree that the sight of a vinyl tablecloth accenting the sides of a table not only makes up for an appealing sight, but this creates a pleasant ambience as well. If you are thinking about giving your home a classy makeover, make sure to accessorize with the lovely touch of a vinyl flannel backed tablecloth.

The best part about equipping your home with vinyl tablecloths is that they come in many different decorative designs and colors. You can even decide to get one that comes with a themed design or have one customized to your particular preferences. This means that there is something for everyone. While kids will be delighted by designs that have cartoon characters printed on the fabric, adults will appreciate the plethora unique custom made designs that feature various attractive themes and patterns.  The many types and makes of vinyl table cloths also provide a wide choice of table cloths that would be fitting for any occasion, be it a wedding ceremony or a birthday celebration, christmas party.

When going to purchase your vinyl tablecloth make sure to consider some important factors other than the design and color that you want. Like for instance, make sure that you are aware of the measurements of your table and off course the shape since flannel backed table cloths come in all sizes and shapes, from square ones to oval models. You need to make sure that you get one that fits well.

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The good thing however about getting a flannel backed tablecloth is that it offers more than just an improved vibrant ambiance. If you have tables with sensitive surfaces such as Formica, a vinyl table cloth offers much protection from scratches and spills. An added advantage about these table cloths is the fact that they are quite durable, hence they offer great value for what they are worth.  In addition, the flannel back of the fabric makes these tablecloths to settle firmly onto table tops hence keeping everything on top of the table in place. However, in order to enjoy the continued use of your flannel, it is important to know some of the tips of how to look after your tablecloth while trying to maintain its colorful and vibrant condition.

How to maintain your flannel vinyl backed tablecloth

By virtue of the fact that vinyl backed tablecloths are quite appealing, taking good care of them in order to increase their longevity is one of the worthwhile endeavors that anyone should undertake. This however will require some know how of how to take care of your vinyl tablecloth in order to make the most out of the appealing allure that they create in any surroundings. There are several ways to do this and key among them is constant washing and ironing.

When washing your vinyl table clothe however make sure to use the right detergents and to follow the laundry instructions on the label. Vinyl is quite easy to wash, so you might not have a hard time while trying to get rid of stubborn stains, unless of course if the flannel back side gets stained. After a proper wash, make sure to always iron your flannel backed vinyl tablecloth. When creased they can seem quite unappealing, but be careful not to adjust the heat to ultra moderate and only iron flannel back side since vinyl is quite sensitive to heat and can stick onto a hot iron.

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  1. Gian says:

    Oh my that is so sad to see laying all over the floor I’m tnkihing you may need to make a design wall like Sherry and I have out of the 2 x8 foam insulating panels. Neither of ours is the original 8 high as they just don’t fit in our house and the best part is you can stake them up when not needed and store away

  2. toni gallagher says:

    Hello. I am writing to if you have any of the 84″ or close to, round table covers,that are maybe imperfect,or discontinued colors that could be donated to our Senior Center. It is the Hometown center in Media,Pa. We have 6 round tables and we also have 90″ long tables. We use the round ones for lunch and are trying to upgrade how the dining area looks. Anything you could donate would be much appreciated. Please respond . Thank you Toni Gallagher 201 State Rd. Media pa 19063

  3. SJ Lindsay says:

    I am trying to locate a particular vinyl/flannel backed tablecloth. It it the first pattern shown on this page:


    It has flowers that fade into all of the rainbow colors. I love it and would like to locate the name of the pattern so I can buy several oblong ones. But I can’t figure out anyway to search for it. Would you perhaps know? Please email me if you do. Thank you!

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